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Why is grooming important

grooming isn't just about keeping the dog looking and smelling good it has great health benefits to so here is a list of reason's to get your dog groomed every 6 - 12 weeks depending on the type of coat it has.

  • Fleas. While grooming your dog the groomer will be able to see if your dog has fleas and hopefully you'll be able get a handle of things before it becomes a infestation.

  • reduces risk of ear infections. regular ear cleaning and trimming will reduce the possibility of an ear infections. Ear infections can causes the dog to go deaf and if untreated can lead to more problematic issues

  • Early detection of skin or health problems. A groomer goes over every inch of your dog with precision so if you dog develops a new lump or skin irritation they ill spot this and you can get to a vet before it gets worse.

  • Trimming the nails. Trimming the nails is so important and often under estimated.

  • Healthy and Shiny coats. Simple bathing and brushing your dog remove the dirt, dead hair and dead skin for the coat it also encourages the natural oils down the coat so it's coats appearance is healthy and shiny.

  • Mat removal. A groomer will remove mats safely without causing you dog more pain or discomfort.

  • Ticks. These can be quite difficult to spot and there is usually more than one a groomer knows what they are looking for and can remove ticks properly.

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