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As we all know dog's hair gets matted due to lack of proper brushing not using the right equipment and not having a regular grooming routine the most common dog coat type to mat is the wool and double coats however that doesn't mean the silk and wire coat won't mat.

So what is matting how do you know what it looks like. Matting is densely tangled clumps of hair when not proper attended to the loose (AKA dead) hair and the live hair become embedded in large masses. (see below photos) If left to long these matts become thicker denser and eventually become felting like a sheep's coat and this is tight and painful for the dog and the only thing you can do is shave the whole coat obviously nobody wants that so how do we prevent this awful coat condition.

firstly you will need the correct equipment you will need the slicker brush and a long mixed tooth comb.

the slicker brush comes in different shapes and sizes

flat and curved : flat heads are general purpose I.E for the saddle of the dog. while the curved brush helps you reach those more tricky areas effectively and reduces strain on the hands.

soft to firm : soft slicker brushes are perfect for fine coats, sensitive skin and daily grooming. where as the firmer slicker cater to denser, thicker and coarser coats.

Ball pin and flexible head : Ball pin slickers are excellent for puppies, while the flexible head slickers move to the shape of the dog for a more comfortable grooming experience.

The only downside to the slicker brush is you need to make sure not to go over the same area again and again as this will cause brush burn.

If your not sure which brush is best for you then you can always ask your groomer and they can point you in the right direction so after brushing the whole dog use the comb the whole groom should only take 5 minutes a day if done religiously.

with the mixed tooth comb (one end wide tooth the other end fine tooth) its best to go through the coat with the wide tooth then the fine tooth as this will make sure the coat is completely knot free no knots no mats.

A regular grooming appointment will also do wonders whether you go to the groomers or do it yourself at home it is important to keep a 6-8 weeks schedule to keep the coat clean and trimmed this encourages a healthier coat growth (and they smell nicer) whether your keeping the coat long or taking it short the regular removal of dead ends much like our own hair keeps that healthy shine and prevents matting.

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